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struct dirent
#ifndef __USE_FILE_OFFSET64
    __ino_t d_ino;
    __off_t d_off;
    __ino64_t d_ino;
    __off64_t d_off;
    unsigned short int d_reclen;
    unsigned char d_type;
    char d_name[256]; /* We must not include limits.h! */


/* File types for `d_type'. */
    DT_UNKNOWN = 0,
    DT_FIFO = 1,
# define DT_FIFO DT_FIFO
    DT_CHR = 2,
# define DT_CHR DT_CHR
    DT_DIR = 4,
# define DT_DIR DT_DIR
    DT_BLK = 6,
# define DT_BLK DT_BLK
    DT_REG = 8,
# define DT_REG DT_REG
    DT_LNK = 10,
# define DT_LNK DT_LNK
    DT_SOCK = 12,
# define DT_SOCK DT_SOCK
    DT_WHT = 14
# define DT_WHT DT_WHT
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